Discover the Ancient Art of Batik at the First-Ever BatikUSA Exhibition in La Veta, Colorado

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Trinidad Coloado

On August 31, the art of Batik is set to make its American debut with the first-ever BatikUSA exhibition in La Veta, Colorado. This event aims to bring awareness of the ancient art form to the US audience.

Artist and event host Jonathan Evans expressed his excitement, saying, “Bringing some of the best artists from around the United States to celebrate this beautiful art form is a humbling and unique experience… Instead of traveling [worldwide] for batik art, visitors can experience it close to home.”

In its press release, BatikUSA described Batik as a time-honored art form where images are painted on fabric using wax to separate colors and form intricate patterns. This detailed and laborious process showcases the artist’s creativity and craftsmanship, producing unique, visually stunning pieces. Batik fabrics are popular worldwide, appearing in clothing, quilts, tapestries, decor, and more. The designs range from modern and contemporary to deeply rooted cultural traditions.

The organization announced that 15 artists from across the country will gather to showcase their batik creations, marking a historic moment for the ancient art form in the United States. During September, visitors can immerse themselves in the tradition of Batik, learn about the artists, and explore pieces at the Estelle Center for the Creative Arts.

The press release also highlighted that the inaugural event, organized by renowned batik artists Beth and Jonathan Evans, celebrates the International Year of Batik. It aims to raise awareness about this intricate art form and elevate batik art and its artists in the United States. Similar exhibitions are taking place worldwide, with Colorado chosen as the distinctive location for hosting the event in the United States.

BatikUSA encouraged the public to attend the opening night event on August 31 and to visit the exhibition at the Estelle Center for the Creative Arts in La Veta during September. Artists will attend and give talks on opening night, and artwork will be available for sale.

“For centuries, batik fabric has been cherished for its stunning and colorful patterns, and we’re so proud to host BatikUSA in our vibrant, southern Colorado town,” said Evans. “This one-of-a-kind exhibition is sure to captivate both art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.”

BatikUSA shared that Beth Evans began practicing Batik more than 35 years ago in her home of Cuchara and had exhibited in galleries across Colorado, New Mexico, Germany, and the United Kingdom. She has used Batik as an art to positively impact impoverished communities in Haiti and Mexico. Jonathan Evans began creating Batik as an instructor in Oxford, UK, more than 50 years ago and has since traveled the world, nurturing his artistry. His pieces have been shown at esteemed venues in New York, London, Washington, DC, and elsewhere. Together, Beth and Jonathan own Shalawalla Gallery in La Veta, where they have been creating, teaching, and selling this unique art for over a decade.

The exhibition will not only feature the artworks but will also offer interactive sessions where attendees can learn about the batik process, from wax application to dyeing techniques. These sessions aim to provide a deeper understanding of the skill and precision involved in batik artistry. Additionally, there will be workshops available for those interested in trying their hand at creating their batik pieces under the guidance of expert artists.

The event is poised to be a cultural milestone, fostering appreciation for batik art in a new audience and encouraging the continued practice and innovation of this ancient craft in the modern world.

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